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11 to 13 May 2011
Lisbon, Portugal
a set of practical

Research Workshops

Russ Unger

Guerrilla Research Methods

This hands-on session will cover a number of low cost, yet powerful research methods to help you make better data-driven design decisions. We'll provide a number of techniques for recruiting research participants, creating better research questions, and what to do with your data once you've conducted your research.
Steve Mulder

Know Thy User: Persona-Centered Design

Whether you design or build, strategize or architect, the targeted audience should be foremost in your mind. This workshop will help you and your team make your audience come alive so you can build better online experiences for them.
Whitney Quesenbery

Storytelling for User Experience

In this workshop You will learn the mechanics of oral and written presentation through instruction, modeling and practice. Exercises will let you try out different storytelling elements such as imagery, different story structures and telling stories in different contexts.
David Travis

Usability Testing Bootcamp

This workshop is aimed at user experience designers who want to practice techniques for testing and evaluating their designs with end users. The focus of the workshop is on preparing and moderating a usability test.

Who is this for?

Research workshops focus on the collection of information to lay the groundworks for design.

In this workshops you'll learn how to collect, interpret and analyse information about clients, the business and the end users of products.

Design Workshops

Josh Clark

Designing for Touch   WORKSHOP FULL

This is a workshop aimed at designers, developers, and information architects making the transition from desktop to touchscreen apps for mobile and tablet devices.
Christian Crumlish

Designing Social Interfaces   WORKSHOP FULL

Designers, developers, architects and product specialists all need to work together to create compelling social experiences online and this workshop will be relevant to anyone who has to plan, design, build, or bring to market social websites and applications.
Dan Brown

Effective Design Documentation Without a Fuss

If you work on web projects and need to create, review, or approve design documentation, this workshop will help you develop a critical eye for deliverables.
Todd Zaki Warfel

Prototyping   WORKSHOP FULL

In this action packed workshop you'll work your way through a series of case studies, as Todd reveals techniques that will help you craft flexible, bulletproof, effective and adaptable interfaces that make up a solid user experience.
Kevin Cheng

See What I Mean: How to Communicate Ideas with Comics

This workshop will teach you how you can use comics as a powerful communication tool without any illustrator skills.
Stephen Anderson

Seductive Interactions   WORKSHOP FULL

This workshop will guide you through specific examples of sites who've designed serendipity, arousal, rewards, and other seductive elements into their applications and will focus on how to design for behaviors.
Louis Rosenfeld

Site Search Analytics

This workshop will combine lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises to get you started with site search analytics in order to help tune and improve your site, and expose new opportunities for improving your business strategy.
Robert Hoekman, Jr

Web Anatomy: Usable Design with Frameworks

This illuminating workshop introduces interaction design frameworks as the perfect starting point for a usable design and reveals how to extrapolate design criteria from them to go beyond standards without sacrificing usability and understandability.

Who is this for?

Design Workshops focus on the techniques to bring your ideas to life and present them to other people.

Here you'll learn how to translate the findings from Research into real interfaces by using several techniques to deveolp the design further and to document it for production.

Strategy Workshops

Leah Buley

Building a Practice as a UX Team of One

This hands-on workshop will explore common situations that UX teams of one find themselves in and give you a personalized plan for how to be more effective in yours.
Kristina Halvorson

Content Strategy and User Experience   WORKSHOP FULL

This workshop is for anyone who's convinced that great content is central to a successful user experience and wants the tools to make it happen: Marketers, web editors and writers, user experience designers, information architects, product managers, and anyone else who deals with web content at any stage of the content lifecycle.
Anders Ramsay

Designing by Doing: Bringing Agile Thinking to UX Practice

This workshop will focus on the period in the project lifecycle from project kick-off to when we begin delivering working software. While classic Agile methods focus on early and frequent delivery of a quality software product, this workshop will apply Agile thinking to the work that serves as its basis.
Leisa Reichelt

Strategic User Experience   WORKSHOP FULL

This workshop is aimed at seasoned UX practitioners who want to have more control over and input into the product or service they're working on.

Who is this for?

Strategy workhops go a little bit further than research and design. They're mostly aimed at seasoned professionals, team leaders or professionals in roles on a management level. They are aimed at Experience Planners and Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders and Project Managers.

But even if you didn't got that far in your career yet, you will still benefit from learning the management and leadership skills provided by these workshops.

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