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11 to 13 May 2011
Lisbon, Portugal
Stuart Cruickshank
Stuart Cruickshank is an Experience Architect at LBi, Europe's largest digital marketing agency, where he has worked with leading telecommunications and financial clients whose users number in the millions. Prior to LBi he worked at the BBC, engaging with brands such as Lonely Planet and Top Gear. A reformed developer, Stuart is now a passionate advocate of user centred design and an active member of the London User Experience community, being involved in the organisation of events including those for the UK Usability Professionals Association, UX Book Club London and UX Camp London.

Originating from Australia, he now resides in London where he's still getting used to crowded underground trains, permanent drizzle and the thought that jellied eels may be in any way appetising.

Stuart Cruickshank

Lightning Talk

Crafting the Ultimate Experience: UX + CX + CRM

So you've formulated a User Experience strategy for your company from the ground up. Completion rates are way up. Complaint email numbers are way down. Your boss loves you, and you've got the corner office to prove it. What's next?

This session will take the next step and explore how User Experience fits into the business ecosystem alongside fields of Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management.

What tips can we learn from these fields, and how can we engage with our colleagues to pass on what we as UX professionals have learned from the web, to turn satisfied users into passionate customers.

Wednesday, 11 May @ 14:30-14:50
20 minutes
Room 2

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