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11 to 13 May 2011
Lisbon, Portugal
Mark Plant
Mark stumbled across the Internet in 1993 and was intrigued by photos of this clicky web thing – but to be quite honest, tabbing around a screen of fluorescent, DOS-style text on a black background seemed pretty dull. After a stint in the late 90s where he was building internal sites for an investment bank (idea to code), he made the break into advertising. There he settled into a sequence of roles atWCJ/Impiric/Wunderman as a developer/IA/functional designer.

He left advertising in 2009 and returned to investment banking to set up a User Experience practice within Lab49. There, he is responsible for a team of Interaction Designers, Creatives and IAs. Work is exciting and demanding – defining and designing trading application interfaces where '1' frequently means '1 million'. Whilst he prefers to think of his role as an "Architect of Interaction and Information", he has settled for "User Experience" as less confusing. More at

Mark Plant

Lightning Talk

Wireframes are Dead:
Experiments and Experience from the UX/Agile Divide

User Experience Design isn't the most natural partner of agile software development practices. Whether you're an interaction designer or information architect it can be tough adapting to the mindset of small components instead of a holistic solution.

Over the last 2 years I've been challenged with establishing a UX practice within an agile software consultancy that specialises in Investment Banking. Having tried various tactics, and made some mistakes, I'm going to share some of what I've learned, some war stories and some of what I plan to try next.

Ultimately, you should walk away with some idea of why micro-waterfalls are bad, how to road mapping features and some thoughts around the challenge of trying to define "good enough" up front. This is just another part of gaining some ideas as to how you can work better with (or ideally, as part of) an agile software development team.

Wednesday, 11 May @ 14:00-14:20
20 minutes
Auditorium III

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