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11 to 13 May 2011
Lisbon, Portugal
Jason Mesut
Jason is Head of User Experience at RMA Consulting, a design-driven organisation that focuses on delivering rich, engaging and effective solutions for its clients that users interact with 'Day-In, Day-Out'.

Jason has had experience working with a range of organisations including: PA Consulting,, Flow Interactive, Oyster/Framfab/LBi and The Team. This has seen him working among some of the best people in the London User Experience industry, and with some of the trickiest of clients and team members you could imagine.

Jason isn't one to be shy of his opinions. Always open to critical discourse in design, Jason has recently been sharing his strong views around User Experience portfolios based on his last four years of intense hiring, and seeing hundreds of cvs and portfolios over the past four months.

Jason Mesut

Lightning Talk

Sell yourself better

User Experience has changed significantly over the past three years. People are pouring in from all sorts of related and unrelated fields, from project management through to development. There are several events per week in major cities like London. Clients are asking for Information Architects, User-Centred Design and a great user experience. 'UX Designer' (or the many terms that surround this one) is what 'Web designer' was ten years ago.
However, most people still confuse User Interface with User Experience. We are under threat from designers and developers who have picked up the interaction design and information architecture skills they need for developing a really great looking and slick User Interface. We are under threat from marketers and management consultants who have the relationships and the gravitas to talk about 'services' and 'multi-channel experiences' to the C-Suite.
This is both exciting and scary.
It's exciting because new perspectives and wider adoption will help to progress what we do in a way that means that more companies reach a higher level of maturity.
With ridiculous day rates, high salaries, unprofessional attitudes and poor work, we are at risk of cannibalising our own future.
We need to take stock right now and have a little bit of introspection around what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we are going to position ourselves better for a more sustained and successful future.

Who's it for?
Anyone who is looking for a new job, struggling to develop themselves within their current organization, or struggling to sell User Experience activities within an organization

What will you get out of it?

What will be covered?
Jason will expand on his UX Portfolio thoughts, exploring wider why, and how you as a User Experience Professional should sell yourself better in order to get the job you will be happy with, and convince others of the value that you bring so you can keep doing what you love for your own and your client or team's benefit.
From twitter and blogs, through to portfolios and networking; Jason will offer a colourful perspective as a hirer, Senior User Experience advocate to clients and man about town on the London UX scene.
Some of the topics to tease you with:

Thursday, 12 May @ 14:30-14:50
20 minutes
Auditorium II

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